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The best Experiece I have been through so far. It is the place where you would find the best people who gathered in thousands to stand peacefully unarmed infront of the tyrants who have captured the elected president, Mohammed Morsi. Those people left everything and went to live in a square called Rabaa to say NO to the military coup leader, SISI.

It is amazing to know how they were able to build a wonderful place and how they were able to suffice their needs to survive in such square. How they were fasting under the hot sun leaving their comfort homes inorder to support what they beleive in. It was amazing how crowded this place was during night where people from every corner in the country is heading to support those in Rabaa. They were spending their nights praying and they were sharing the food, ground, and tents. Many demonstrations were marching out from that place in night and day to raise awareness about Rabaa and why they were gathering there. Yes, awareness as the official media was part of the coup and were spreading evil and false news about The president, and his supporters.

This is just an overview about what is Rabaa, but it needs thousands of pages to talk about Rabaa, its people and those who were killed, burned, and jailed after the brutal military forces has evacuated this area by force. Still remember those dead bodies I carried and burned bodies I have seen.
life in Rabaa

life in Rabaa during Feast

People gathering in Rabaa

Dead bodies after evacuation

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